Midwest Pride Athletics
Central Iowa's Complete Sports Youth Development Program

Player Analysis

Each player enrolled in our club will undergo an evaluation to measure skill and overall athletic progress. This will give coaching staff an overall view of its athletes to focus on skill development and player needs.

Rating System

The club will develop a rating system for its players by using scores average scores of kids of each specific age.

Improvement Needs

Each player will have outlined improvement areas based from results from the player analysis.

Player Development Plan

The director will develop a development plan based off need improvement areas based on coach feedback and insight of the director.

Coaching Plans

The Director and each coach from specific age groups will define a coaching plan for each team to prepare their team to get ready for the upcoming season. Define scrimmage times and dates, also provide assistance needed to practice to help develop team and individual baseball IQ.

  • In-season
  • Off-season
  • Scrimmage (Baseball IQ)




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